How To: Power Requirements Calculation In the Camper

Electricity on board is equally comfortable and convenient. Modern electric consumers are thrifty and ensure long autarky. And this is also important for a vacation in the RV.

Be honest. Do you know how much power you consume? At home, this question can be answered relatively easy with regular meter readings. But what about traveling in in campers and motorhomes? The answer is on the one hand the latest important when electricity costs are billed, based on consumption gillnet or campgrounds. Even more important, the answer is on the other hand, when it comes to how long the self-sufficient operation can be maintained without recharging the vehicle battery. And complete independence, far from any electrical outlet is the dream of every motorhome driver.

What is the average power consumption in a mobile home?
For example, we have even been measured, determines the actual energy consumption of an average sized Integrated. Even when connecting the CEE connection to the 230 volt mains the display of the power meter jumps to around 250 watts, even without light or any other consumers are enabled on board. Even if the 12-volt main switch on the panel is still set to OFF, the battery charger immediately takes on its activities and refreshes the board battery. Discoverable in mind that the indicated power continuously decreases with increasing charge state.

Twelve-volt electrical system is activated and with completely fixed lighting in all rooms, including kitchen and bath. The instantaneous consumption increases gradually to just under 100 watts. Especially in vans popular refrigerator compressors draw depending on the size approximately between 40 and 65 watts, and the running – in contrast to an absorber version – also in stationary operation with 12 Volt voltage from the battery. The 12-volt heating – absorber cooler draws about 250 watts, but is usefully supplied only while driving via the alternator. Most economical and therefore best – an absorber running anyway in gas mode. In short – in order to be self-sufficient as long as possible, you shouldn’t lose sight of the energy management.

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