Campers and Kids

Child seat crash protection: If young passengers are traveling in the motor home, one must consider their safety. This allows you to travel worry-free with some tips from Promobil.

Safety first – especially when small children are in the camper. So apply this when driving: belted places are required for each person traveling, even for very small children. Finally, the child seat must be sufficiently secured.

The standard Isofix eyelets in the automotive industry are in campers so far. Serie they are only in a few campers such as the Mercedes Marco Polo or the VW California. The manufacturer Knaus, vineyard and Adria offer Isofix as an option – otherwise examine of the Sicherheitssen at campers is mostly in vain. It is advantageous when the backrest of the seat is formed. Otherwise, the child seat can tilt in curves to the side. A retractable or removable table protects the children.

A fall protection is necessary “requests to the living area of motorhomes relating to health and safety” around each bed, according to DIN EN 1646-1, which is mounted over a meter above the floor. Conceivable are wood lattice or boards, for example. If it is in the backup to networks, then this should not be too coarse mesh or elastic, otherwise strangulation may appear.

Children under three years of age should not sleep in the upper bunk bed, the fold-down bed or alcove with fall protection. It is better to use a deep bed located, for example, the converted seats.

Tips for child safety in motor home:

Small children should not be left unattended to sleep in the camper.
Do not use coarse mesh or elastic nets as crash protection.
Isofix fuses for child seats are best, if possible, make use of it.
Child seats can be fixed on benches better of molded backrest.
Pay attention to a removable or retractable table when children are traveling in the car seat.